Sexual Offenderman is the third oldest of the Slender family. Unlike most of his species, however, he prefers to go after young women, almost similar to that of an Incubus. He is known for his charisma and for being overtly sexual. He is characterized primarily by his sexual deviation and he teaches Taijahn Clements/Angel how to get sexy woman and protects him at all times.

He was created by Arcanineryu.


Sexual Offenderman has an extremely perverted and provocative nature, he is a user of women, a rapist, possible pedophile, necrophile, and zoophile. Sexual Offenderman is known to go after more than just women, however. He has no specified type of human he prefers to prey on. He can be incredibly charismatic with almost any person, and uses such charisma to lure them in also has a crush on Taijah Clements but is jealous of her boyfriend Jason and when around his mom sometimes flirts with her to make her male co-worker's jealous.

Family Edit

His family is Slenderman , Splendorman, and Trenderman.


His sexual nature and lust for women is hinted through flashbacks of his life starting from infant stage. It's even hinted that he harbors sexual attraction towards his mother; when Sexual Offenderman is seen crying and his mother exposes her chest to breastfeed her son, during which Sexual Offenderman stops crying, says "O right!" and suckles from his mother in a lustful way. He also expresses an incestuous sexual attraction towards his own daughter Trenderwoman (whom he gave up for adoption as an infant to another married couple) After bidding his daughter goodbye, Sexual Offenderman openly admits his perverted views about his daughter to Slenderman, hoping that when she grows up, he would "bump into her in about 18 years", implying he's hoping for physical contact. 

Despite being a pervert and hypocrite he has also been shown to have a kinder side. He does whatever it takes to help his friends and protect his family, from Zalgo. Sexual Offenderman was so disgusted by Zalgo's betrayal he left the Pit and has never returned since.

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