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Main Antagonist of FNAF 7:Brother's Revenge,and the crossover FNAF X Hazbin Hotel.

History Edit

Bite Victim is having a birthday party at Fredbear's Pizzeria, which is he upset about.Each nights,he must survive from the Nightmare Animatronics. In the minigames, he is accompanied by a Fredbear Plush who helps him.Each Mini Games,he is scared by Michael Afton. He meets different kids,Such as Kid with a Balloon, Pigtailed Girl,a Green Shirt girl with a Springtrap Toy, and Rude Kid with a Green Shirt laughing at him.In the final minigame, He is bullied by his brother and his friends. Later that day, he is bitten by Fredbear, causing his brother to stop laughing and look in horror. He is approached by his Fredbear Plush, who tells him he is sorry and will put him back together, However,He survived the bite and adopt the Nightmare.

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